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Overuse of mobile phones

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone in his hand and is busy in his world. Mobile phones are part of our body and add to our habits, for many people it is no less than a cause. Sleeping, waking, eating, drinking, getting up, sitting, even in the washroom, using a mobile phone is such a big thing that it seems as if he is not using a mobile phone, but rather a mobile phone is using him. But have you ever think that what are the disadvantages of this blue light on your screen?

Side effects on skin

Although scientists do not agree much on the disadvantages of using mobile phones, research suggests that overuse of mobile phones in the long run can be harmful to health. Even the California Department of Health has issued guidelines for avoiding radio frequency energy emitted from mobile phones.

The light from the phone is harmful not only to your eyes but also to your skin. While scrolling down your social media news and feeds, your time is up but you also need to be concerned about the harm it may cause.

Think of it as two layers of sunscreen on your face when you get out in the sun, but you bring the rays of mobiles indoors. The wavelengths of blue rays emanating from a mobile phone are small, just like the rays of the sun. Research says that when it comes to your eyes or skin, it can cause your skin to shrink faster.

Research has also shown that prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to skin pigmentation and redness that is caused by ultraviolet rays. Research also says that this visible light can cause certain skin disorders. Moreover, blue light has the ability to transmit light, which can also cause DNA damage. This can lead to higher levels of collagen, elastin in the skin, and impairment of hypertension.

Adults and children can be protected from the effects of a mobile phone if they are away from themselves, especially at night when you are not near your mobile and do not sleep while keeping mobile in your pocket.

The dangers of fragility

Regardless of the blue light, there are other disadvantages to mobile. According to the California Department of Health, when a mobile phone receives a signal from a cellular tower or sends a mobile signal, it eliminates radio frequency energy, which is detrimental to human health.

While using a mobile phone can be harmful to every adult, it can have very serious effects on children. South Korean experts and a British newspaper report that children who use cell phones for longer or keep them very close to their eyes are more likely to get eyeballs. In this regard, the team of Korean “Kum National University Hospital” researched 12 boys aged 7 to 16, who had to use a mobile phone four to eight hours a day, with their eyes eight to twelve inches apart. Two months later, nine of these boys began to have early symptoms of scabies. Experts say that children are blinded by the sight of the screen and they are prone to scattering. Later, the cellphone habit of these children was removed and the symptoms of their brokenness also disappeared.

Moderate and careful 

Just as moderation is essential in everything, caution is also needed in the use of mobile phones, just as it is done in eating and drinking. We all know that avoiding processed foods or sweet drinks is essential, but there is no point in eating pizza and burgers on the weekends. Likewise there is no compulsion to scroll through Instagram or play video games for short periods of time. If some precautions are taken in this regard, chances of problems in the afterlife can be drastically reduced.

  1. Experts say you should not watch mobile phones for more than thirty minutes in a row.
  2. Keep the phone away from your body.
  3. Do not use mobile phones when the signal is weak, use less if forced.
  4. Do not keep the phone close to your bed at night.
  5. Minimize video or audio streaming on mobile phones or download or upload large files.
  6.  Use the mobile phone on the left ear instead of the right ear.
  7. Babies should not use phones too close to the eyes or lying down.
  8. Keep the phone’s brightness low. 

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