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Sharp Increase in Five Years Witnessed by Tourist Traffic

ISLAMABAD: Traveler traffic at cultural sites in Islamic Republic of Pakistan has seen a huge increase of 317 per cent over the past 5 years with Punjab’s contribution being nearly 95pc, according to a report.

The report Cultural Heritage and museum visits in Islamic Republic of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by Gallup Pakistan, a research organisation connected with Gallup International Association, indicates that tourism can be a potential game changer that could revitalize the struggling economy of the country.

Tourism in Pakistan
Tourism in Pakistan

According to information given within the report, available with Dawn, tourism at cultural sites has experienced a massive increase since 2014.

From more or less 1.6 million visits in 2014, the tourist traffic at cultural sites rose to 6.6m visits in 2018, a 317 per cent increase in a span of five years.

Punjab, because the largest and most populated province, contributed approximately 95pc whereas tourist traffic in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fluctuated over the years.

A Gallup Islamic Republic of Pakistan report indicates that tourism could be a potential game changer for country’s struggling economy.

The tourist traffic at museum sites enlarged by more or less 50pc with the number of visits increasing from 1.7m in 2014 to around 2.7m in 2018.

The tourist traffic in KP and Balochistan has additionally experienced an identical trend at its museum sites, whereas in Punjab and Sindh, the number of visits at museum sites fluctuated over the years.

In 2018, the provinces overall recorded maximum number of visits.

Total visits by foreigners raised by over 2 folds for both cultural and museum sites in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Over the past 5 years the proportion of foreign guests to museums rose by more or less 130pc whereas foreign guests to cultural sites rose by 100pc.

Museums remained a lot of well-liked among foreign guests by receiving on the average 50pc a lot of visits than cultural sites.

A gradual increase was seen among all four provinces for total foreign visits , with the highest increase in KP wherever the number of museum visits in 2018 rose by 250pc.

From 2016 to 2018 the top 3 most well-liked museums are  Pakistan Monument museum in Islamabad, Khewra Mines museum in Chakwal and Lok Virsa Heritage museum in Islamabad respectively, and on fourth and fifth positions is Taxila and Lahore museums respectively.

Speaking to Dawn, Bilal Ghani of gallup Pakistan aforesaid, “We have observed fifteen to 20pc increase in native and foreign visitors.

Day by day interest in museums is continuously increasing,”adding that the report was based on number of visits by local and foreign visitors to cultural and museum sites maintained by federal and provincial governments.

It is stated in the report that the Shahi Qila in Lahore was the most popular cultural site.

The Shalimar Garden, Lahore, was the second most popular site in 2016 and 2018, and also the Hiran Minar in Sheikhupura was the second most visited site in 2017.

The third most popular site in 2016 was Jehangir’s tomb, Lahore.

In 2017 it absolutely was the ancient Buddhist monastic complicated Takht-i-Bahi in Mardan that was the most visited and in 2018 it absolutely was the Hiran Minar.

In 2016 and 2017 the Lahore museum was the most popular among foreigners. But, in 2018 Taxila Museum was most visited.

Taxila was the popular and most liked cultural site for foreign tourists from 2016 to 2018. And the Shahi Qila was the 2nd most liked and preferred site.

The third most visited site by foreigners in 2016 was Moenjodaro, Larkana, Jehangir’s Tomb in 2017 and the Shalimar Garden in 2018.There is room for further improvements. With some more efforts both local and foreigner visitors can be increased substantially,” said Mr Ghani of Gallup Pakistan.


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