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Saudi Arabia Started Tourist Visas

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Saudi Arabia Started Tourist Visit / Visas

Online visas were inaugurated last week on World Tourism Day. According to the website of the Tourism Committee, the first phase in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European countries and Asia, through the websites of residents of Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Kazakhstan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Electronic visas or visas can be obtained at the airport upon arrival, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh are not yet included in the visa recipient countries. 

With the opening of tourist doors to the country for residents of countries around the world by the Saudi government, it has been added that foreign Muslim tourists coming to the country will also be able to receive Umrah on the same visa. I can get tourist/visit visas from Saudi Arabia’s representative offices, embassies and consulates. Here are the ten most important facts regarding tourist/visit visas, according to Arab media details:

1. The visa fee will be 440 riyals.

2. Visas will be issued through the website or upon arrival in the country.

3. Visas can be withdrawn in 5 to 30 minutes.

4. The visa will be one year.

5. This visa will be issued to people 18 years of age and over.

6. There is no religion requirement for this visa.

7. The passport of visa holder’s entry into the state should not be less than six months.

8. A visa holder will be allowed to stay in the state for 90 days during one year.

9. The visa holder will be able to enter Saudi Arabia via six main routes.

10. Obtaining a visa can be obtained in three ways.

According to the rules announced, tourists will be able to obtain a visa in the following three ways:

1. Use of the machines created to register “online” through the web site or in a few minutes.

2. Obtaining visas on arrival at border crossings and airports (King Khalid Airport, King Abdul Aziz Airport, King Fahd Airport, Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Airport and Al-Baha’a Ground Border Passage).

3. Through representatives of Saudi embassies and consulates in accredited countries.

At a ceremony organized by the General Authority for Tourism and National Culture Heritage in Riyadh last week in the presence of tourism companies and international investors, the state said that there are innumerable opportunities for tourism and one billion trillion annually to Saudi Arabia from tourism. Riyal is expected to receive the exchange.

The event, which was held on the occasion of World Tourism, was attended by the President of the World Tourism Organization, Zorab Polo Kashifili and Global Travel and Tourism Council Chairperson Gloria Guevara. Vision Since the beginning of 2030, we have been hard-pressed to reach the destination of global tourism together with the launch of major tourism projects and adoption of national tourism strategies, incentives to invest in the tourism sector.

On the occasion, he said that not only are we opening the doors of our country to the visitors but we also welcome the investors, women and businessmen to invest in the state. There are huge opportunities for investment in the tourism sectors in Saudi Arabia. Under the leadership of Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud and Wali-Ehde Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Khalid al-Herman al-Sharifin will continue the journey to achieve the goal of Vision 2030, the development of the state.

Al-Khattab said that at this historic moment, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced to open its doors to tourists from all over the world. This is proof that Saudi Arabia’s global confidence is growing. He explained that since the beginning of the vision of the state 2030, we have been encouraging the launch of major tourism projects and investment in the tourism sector. In conjunction with the adoption of the rules, general strategies for the development of national tourism have been adopted and the hard work of tourism promotion has begun.

“We have a great historical heritage that tourists of the world will be amazed at,” he said. The Saudi official said that we also have five historic sites that have been declared a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visit visas have started for all countries.

He said that the issuance of tourist visas will create immense employment opportunities in the country. One of the most important features of a Saudi tourist visa is that it can be used to pay Umrah without any pre-conditions. Women do not have to have any eyelashes. Umrah facility will be available throughout the year except for Hajj season.

Saudi Arabia’s government has now launched tourist visas on easy terms for 49 countries. The state wants to increase the number of foreign tourists to 10 million annually by 2030, while the number of tourists is currently 4 billion and 10 million. If the number of tourists is reached, the tourism sector income will increase by 3% to 10%. As a result of the initiatives taken to promote tourism, employment opportunities in the tourism sector will increase from 6 lakh to 16 lakh nationwide.

Other features of the visa, without a mahram, without the permission of Amra, will not require any sponsorship for the working visa. Except permission included for all religious practitioners and tourists to come to Saudi Arabia for twelve months a year. 

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