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Japan and Singapore Passports ahead of the US

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Japan and Singapore Passports ahead of the US

Singapore and Japan are far ahead of the US in passport strength

Japan and Singapore withdrew the passports of the world power US and its superpowers of the time.

The Henley Passport Index has ranked the world’s most powerful passports based on data from the International Air Transport Association.

According to the report, the passports of Japan and Singapore are considered to be the most powerful passports in the world.

According to the Passport Index report, Finland, Germany and South Korea jointly rank second, with the three countries going without advance visas to 189 countries.

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The Henley Index reports Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg are third, with countries not requiring advance visas from 186 countries.

Strong passports rank fourth in France, Spain and Sweden, while the fifth is Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland, with seven countries not requiring advance visas from 185 and 184 countries respectively.

The United States and the UK are sixth on the list, with a total of 15 countries ahead of the two countries in the list of powerful visas.

The United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of Muslim countries, ranking 15th in the list, whose citizens do not need advance visas for 172 countries.

India is ranked 82nd in the ranking of powerful passports, Pakistan’s passport is ranked 104th, whose citizens do not need visas or advance visas for 31 countries, Pakistani passport is only ahead of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. ۔

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