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Massage Keeps Your Face Fresh

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Massage on the face brings blood flow to the skin and it protects the skin from dryness. According to the expert, regular massage not only eliminates rings and wrinkles but also bring elasticity and complexion in the skin. It also relieves mental and physical fatigue.

But the best results are if it is done correctly. Be sure to make sure that you do not have any infections, swelling or bruises on your face before you apply it. It is different for each skin. Below are some tips about massage to tell you. By following these you can also make the skin beautiful.

  1. Women with dry skin must apply cream of milk while massage on the face. Try to use cool cream of milk on face which eliminates facial scars.
  2. Mix honey with cream of milk and apply on face at night. After a while, lightly massage and get off. It will not only make the color visible but also remove the stains and acne.
  3. Gently massage the face and neck by mixing one egg white and one teaspoon of honey. This will make your skin glow.
  4. Massage mixture of lemons juice and milk on the face in the morning gives the facial complexion.
  5. Massage the face with few drops of Rose water (Arqe Gulab) with palms.
  6. Massage your face with mixture of teaspoon of almond oil with half teaspoon of lemon juice. This will make skin soft.
  7. Mix egg yolks and honey with the almonds. Make a massage with hands on face. This will make the skin shine.
  8. Make mixture of yogurt and sugar in equal amount. Massage the face with it and after 5 minutes wash the face with warm water.
  9. Lightly massage the warm olive oil on the face.
  10. Mix a few drops of rosemary in almonds oil and massage them gently on the face. Continue this process for five minutes. This will eliminate wrinkles that appear on the face.
  11. Massage the face by adding a little turmeric with milk cream. This will not only eliminate the dryness of the skin but also improve the color.
  12. Add rosemary and aromas to almonds and apply this mixture to face. This will bring a smile to the face.
  13. In the basin, mix a little sesame oil and slowly message it on the face. This is useful for face acne.
  14. Massage your face daily with a mixture of lemon juice and glycerin. This will not only brighten the complexion but is also good for acne.
  15. Massage the mixture of vinegar and water on face it will glow and make shiny face.

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